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Monday, April 20, 2009


Lucy Corrander - Playing With Colour - Leaf and Fence - April 8th 2009

Colour Adjusted

Scroll Down for a Bigger Picture


Hermes said...

Oh I do like that - it would make a great painting too.

Victoria said...

Amazing colours. Is that your fence?

bentonflocke said...

fantastic fire of colours! Great effected picture

Dot O said...

Oh, that is sooooo cool! Love what you did with the colors here.

ELK said...

nice application lucy

Robert Hill said...

I like that...

Lucy Corrander said...

Victoria, this is my next door neighbour Esther's fence and it doesn't look like this in real life.

It's just that I'm having trouble getting used to my new camera and the pictures seem to be coming out a bit bland, so, rather dejectedly, I started pressing buttons on my computer and this popped up. (Hence, 'Playing With Colour'.)

But I do happen to know Esther wanted to paint this particular fence with green and yellow stripes, like a circus tent. She had an idea that it might look as if the sun were shining through. (But her husband didn't like the idea so . . . )

Ah well!


Lucy Corrander said...

Bentonflocke, Dot and ELK - I'm glad you like the colours which appeared on the fence. They look very much better, quite startling, when they aren't on the blog.


Lucy Corrander said...

Thanks, Robert.


Oz Girl said...

This is such a cool photo, altered of course! I love the bright fire-like colours, Lucy.

As for our wide-open landscape, I suppose it could be rather frightening if one is not used to it. What I DO like about it, is that you can see a storm approaching from so far away, and so you have advance warning. Sometimes the storm does not even affect us, but as it goes by, I can snap photos of it, which is rather cool. :-)

Lucy Corrander said...

Glad you like the fence, Oz Girl.

As I mentioned to Victoria, I pressed the wrong button on my computer and it came out like this and I liked it so much I used it.

(Very tempting to see what other photos look like changed in the same rainbow way! Somehow, there must be an inherant relationship between the grain in the wood and the colours the computer imposed or exagerated for it.)

I used to live on the Western side of the Weymouth Peninsula, in Dorset, and we could see squalls coming in off the sea, hopefully in time to get home before being drenched!

And I once spent a week in Huntingdonshire where I saw a sudden storm sweeping towards me across a very flat landscape. (Once again, a strong suggestion that I should hurry home!)

But storms across a landscape like yours . . . I wish 'awesome' hadn't become such a commonly used word because, it seems to me, they really would strike awe in one; a reminder of how truly small we humans are.


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