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Sunday, April 19, 2009


Lucy Corrander - In the Grain - April 5th 2009

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Hermes said...

Clever Lucy and works really well.

bentonflocke said...

interesting shot!

Lucy Corrander said...

Morning Hermes. Glad you like 'In the Grain'.

It's beautifully sunny here today; breezy though.

(Yesterday was still and chill and misty.)


Lucy Corrander said...

Hi, Bentonflocke - I really like bleaching out photos like this. It brings the texture forward.


bentonflocke said...

Hi Lucy! I´m so sorry that your back is hurting, too! Thanks for your nice comment and for the hope to both our backs and the bumper crop of apples.... sure good for a new picture.
Hugs Angelika

Dot O said...

Really cool! Almost likes like ice crystals forming on the wood!

Really neat capture.

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