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Thursday, September 25, 2008


Lucy Corrander - Telegraph Pole Number 570

Scroll Down for a Bigger Picture


garden girl said...

I feel your pain Lucy! I do hope Stuart and the Feedburner brains get this issue worked out soon! It's very frustrating.

Lucy Corrander said...

Thanks Linda.

I was thinking by the end of all this, we would all know so much more about the computers and the internet.

Trouble is, I think I have wandered so far off track now I wonder how I will ever get all the settings re-co-ordinated!


easygardener said...

The Blotanical thing is a real pain. I'm wary of fiddling with my settings - the WebDesigner hosts my blog - he's visiting this weekend so I'll hand the problem over to him. What else are sons for?
I've never noticed that telegraph poles had numbers - in a flash they become individuals.

Crafty Gardener said...

Lucy, I have you added via one of the Blogger widgets and I'm not having any problems getting your feed. I had similar problems with my feed, so I just dumped Feedburner and went back to using what Blogger has. I've also given up worrying about whether my feed shows up at Blotanical. What will be, will be.

Lucy Corrander said...

Easy Gardener - Do you think your son could do the rounds and come to visit us all and sort our feeds for us?

Telegraph pole numbers - it's like buses. As well as route numbers and registration plates, each bus has its own identity number. Once you become aware of it, you notice the character and characteristics of the individual buses.

Without over-doing it, knowing these numbers can transform your journey . . . it's a bit like the engines in Thomas the Tank Engine . . . as soon as something has a name . . . Alexander Beetle . . .



Thanks for this photo. It inspired a poem! I've posted it at

Lucy Corrander said...

Thank you Gordon, this really is an honour. I feel very chuffed.

And one about the Magic Blanket too!

Thank you!


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