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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Lucy Corrander - Nettle

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Zoƫ said...

Love the light in this one. Not least because you obviously have sunshine.... its returned to wet and grey here the past few days. YUK!

Lucy Corrander said...

Pretty dreary here too today. Spitting with rain on and off (24th Sept.).

But I took this photo about ten days ago.

The tenders (yesterday's posting) were taken at the weekend - Sunday (21st) - which was an absolutely stunning day.

I launched into this blog without a great deal of thought and the emphasis is on the picture in its own right rather than on keeping a record of things.

Because all the photos have been taken since the end of June they have, until now, been in tune with the season but this is by default rather than by design.

Your comment this morning makes me think I should start dating them, especially because, as the weather gets rainier, I will be taking fewer and using more from the supply I've been stacking up in readiness.

I've been pleased with them so far, but the limitations of taking photographs on a mobile phone may become more evident when I try using it in a low light.


Hermes said...

Though I've had my battles with them in the past, I rather like nettles - though I've not had the courage to make them into siup yet. Great picture.

marmee said...

lovely nettle leaf with sun shining on it's back

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