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Friday, September 26, 2008


Lucy Corrander - Fence and Tennis Court
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Dear Friends who have subscribed to PICTURES JUST PICTURES.
Yesterday evening, most things seemed to have settled back into place and some feeds were working.
Overnight, it's all gone wrong again and subscribers and followers are being directed to someone else's blog.
If you have arrived here - congratulations!
I expect it'll all come right in the end!
P.S. I've left a note in the comments for that blog asking if, until this can be sorted out, a link could be put there which will lead people back here. And I've emailed the blogger with the same request. L.


Grouse said...

Got your message and will access like this for now! Thanks!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Hi Lucy - I came via the other blog but never mind - I got here, Hope you soon have it all sorted out. said...

I am feeling a little light headed following you around - and slightly dizzy :-)

Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Grouse

When I was reading your post yesterday, I was envying anyone who eventually stays in one of the little caravan / sheds with french windows.

It's not just your wonderful location, they are the kind of thing one looks at and wants, even if one has no use for them and nowhere to put them.

That picture has got stuck in my head.


Lucy Corrander said...

Oh Easy Gardener, if you are light headed and dizzy . . . well I'm spinning so much I'll whizz into space soon.

Well, I expect I would if I weren't so shattered.

There seem to be delayed reactions when dealing with feeds so I don't know which particular thing has which particular result.

I've tried so many things, I'm worried I might end up loosing track of the whereabouts of the blog myself.

I'm busy tomorrow (well, not exactly busy, I'm going to Frome for the day) so I'll see if anything sorts its way through the system on its own.

I'm hoping I'll learn something from all this which will turn out to be useful but, despite all the effort I'm putting into it, I suspect there is probably only one thing I need to know that I don't already know and, like Donald Rumsfeld, I'm stuck because I don't know what the one thing is that I don't know.

Which, I suppose, makes two things.


Lucy Corrander said...

Thanks for meandering in this direction Weaver of Grass. I'm sorry you had to take a tour to get here. I'm glad you made it though. Thanks.


P.S. Looks as if the problem will continue a little longer. Sorry - but I'll keep posting pictures, regardless! L.

Crafty Gardener said...

You have quite the imagination girl!!!

Lucy Corrander said...

Thank you Crafty!

The red is the edge to the court and the sunlight was dazzlingly bright when I took the photo.

I was planning to put one here which showed the green of the court itself and the white line but the one which included the line needed cropping (to reduce the amount of link fencing on another side of the court) and I simply didn't have time to fiddle yesterday.

I hope the explanation hasn't taken the 'mystery' out of the photo!

(All my 'fiddling' time went on trying to sort feeds. I think things are back to being ok for the moment, at least as far as direct feeds are concerned - Blotanical, we shall have to see!)


bare-faced gardener said...

Just noticed you are the featured blog on blotanical. What a lovely birthday present.

Hope you have a sunny day in Frome.

Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Bare-Faced-Gardener

Yes, had a lovely day in Frome.

The morning was misty and I could see my breath (first time this autumn).

The graves around the church of St John the Baptist were festooned with white lacy spiders' webs. I've never seen so many all close together like that. They were retaining the mist and it was all very Great Expectationsy.

The last time I was in Frome was thirteen years ago. I was expecting more to have changed than has (despite a lot of new building) and was delighted to find my favourite coffee shop is still there and that there is now a wonderful bookshop opposite it (in Cheap Street).

If only Cheap Street lived up to its name!

Thank you for the birthday wishes on your blog. That was a lovely surprise to come home to and took the edge off my cross-ness that I had inadvertantly altered the settings on my camera so landscape ones came out portrait and portrait ones came out landscape - which has ruined the compostition of most of the few photos I took once the mist had cleared.


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