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Wednesday, October 6, 2010



Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

The garden I was working in yesterday was surrounded by ivy - the buzzing was incredible I dont think I have seen so many bees and other insectstogether

Lucy Corrander said...

They love it! And the ivy flowers just after one thinks pollination is over and all the bees and hoverflies are gone - gone to the ivy, it seems!

Though . . . when I thought of the name for this photo, it was more that the ranks of blooms looked like rows of heads in a choral society performance.


Hermes said...

Have a big patch just likeit, and Karen is so right. What a lift to see the sun again. Quick out with the camera Lucy.

faye said...

The stuff grows and spreads here
so easily. Looks pretty on buildings, but I wonder about damage.

Luis Gomez said...

Lovely image! It does looks like a choir.

Chuck said...

Surely something was hiding in there??

Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Hermes.

Back to dull today . . . mist and drizzle . . . autumn . . . fresh and lovely. (Oct. 10th)

Hello Faye.

Ivy does get its feet into mortar and cracks. This ivy is in a hedgerow but can be a nuisance there, smothering the other plants. None the less, I like it a lot.

Hello Luis - it's the way choir members stand in rows but their heights differ and their heads bob about that makes them resemble ivy (and ivy them). I don't suppose many of them realise though!


Lucy Corrander said...

Yes, Chuck, there will be things in there . . . wrens and robins probably!

(Monsters too, I expect!)


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