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Monday, October 4, 2010


This photo is currently the header for Loose and Leafy


richard said...

Excelent capture!

Luis Gomez said...

Pretty amazing!

Hermes said...

Wonderful. Says October.

JANE E KIRN said...

Is that a web on the Loose and Leafy? Or a spider web? October is here, and your found it outside.

Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Richard!

Glad you like the photo of the insects' nest.


Lucy Corrander said...

Thanks, Luis.


Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Hermes.

I took a photo of the same nest a few days earlier and it's astonishing how much the leaves changed in between.


Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Jane - there's a web in the foreground but, if you look beyond it, you find the real subject of the photo - a nest of little, maggoty, caterpillary creatures - quite horrid in the middle of this autumn loveliness.

You may need to click the photo to see. It's worth doing because the nest itself is fascinating in the way it has been constructed. I don't know by what.

Yesterday, I went to see what they were turning into (flies of some kind?) but the hedge had been trimmed back by the local council so the insect nest is gone.


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