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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Lucy Corrander - Eaten Wood - July 12th 2009

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Janet said...

Lovely contrast in the wood.

Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Janet - there are lots of textures in this fallen trunk too.


Hermes said...

Its a complete eco-system by the look of it.

Lucy Corrander said...

Hermes - you know how you can click a picture to enlarge it? Well, what I would like is a gadget where you click a picture and it comes to life so you would be able see all the little creatures which would skuttle about this old piece of wood if you really poked it.

I know one can put videos on a blog - but that isn't the same; first the still image isn't as clear as a proper photo and, second, they have wacking great, unsightly arrows in the middle of them. Horrid.


Hermes said...

Hi Lucy,

I looked at a few this afternoon and I think the nearest I can find to what you described is this:

you can embed a video (in HD if you have it) or put up a picture and create a click-through link to a video on their site. It seems a very artistic, friendly site - unlike YouTube!

Lucy Corrander said...

Thanks Hermes.

I hadn't heard of that site before. I've taken a look around it and will return when I've got time to read things through in a more concentrated way.

You Tube jams my computer (as does Yahoo) so this may be a way round that problem too. I have done hardly any videoing but it has become more attractive recently. Sound too.


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