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Tuesday, June 2, 2009


A short while back, I showed a picture of a Path on the Edge of a Cliff and Hermes and Debbie wanted to know what happened if one looked over the top. Well . . .

Today, there's a connected post with Loose and Leafy so you can see what happens if you follow the path further. (That is, if you are careful not to fall off it!)

Lucy Corrander - Stepping Over the Edge - May 31st 2009


Hermes said...

Ah so now we know and what a lovely view. Just the day to go paddling too.

Dot O said...

This is an adorable capture! Love it!

Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Hermes and Dot.

The photo 'Stepping Over the Edge' is going to be one of those I most treasure because it immediately brings to mind very happy memories of walking along here, both on the day I took the picture and many other times too.

I have lived in Dorset for more than twenty years now and I still haven't got used to its beauty.


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