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Sunday, May 24, 2009


Lucy Corrander - Pictures Just Pictures - May 21st 2009

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easygardener said...

I like that one, the colours just slipping off the edge!
Files must be an endangered species since computers came on the scene!

Mo said...

What a great picture! You have such a great eye for interesting, and artistic viewpoints. Love it as always. x

Hermes said...

Like that Lucy. I wish files were an endangered species! Every meeting I go to, there is another forest of paperwork.

Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Everyone, glad you like the Files on the Desk photo.

They won't slip off though - it's one of those long, low desks that primary schools used to have - about six foot. See the groove for the pencils?

I like files. And, as with notebooks, the nicer the files, the more willing I am to deal with the things which are (or should be) in them.

Interestingly, the colours of the files (which were there already, I didn't put them there for the picture) are the same colours as the palettes in the




Gordon Mason said...

Where are the nails?

Lucy Corrander said...

Under the hammer.


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