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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Lucy Corrander - Edge of Pond - 12th April 2009

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Hermes said...

That water is so green. But works really well against the stone.

Lucy Corrander said...

Morning Hermes

This pond was cleaned out recently. (It's in a park.) Still looks pretty murky though!

Never mind!


bentonflocke said...

The end of.... everything is having an end!

Have a nice day!

Lucy Corrander said...

That's a very dire comment, Bentonflocke!


Dot O said...

Nice to see water instead of ice!!! Neat capture.

I answered your question about the ring on my blog and will post a photo of it later tonight!

Lucy Corrander said...

I've read your explanation, Dot and I'll go back, later today, to see a photo of the ring.

It's quite astonishing seeing all those cheerful faces. I can't imagine being pleased about having something which tied me to my class so firmly, or even to my school.

Mind, even when I left school, my year asked not to have a special certificate giving. We re-met once just to say 'hello' . . . and that was it!

I don't think this is just to do with me and the friends I had then. I think it is more of a cultural thing - that for many people in Britain . . . we sit loose to 'belonging' and are never too keen on showing enthusiasm!

But I can tell from those joyful faces that it is very different with the young people in your photo!!!!!!!!


Cindi said...

I really enjoy your perpective. Thanks for re inspiring me. Keep up the good work.

Lucy Corrander said...

Cindi - that really is very special . . . to have contributed to someone's reinspiration!

Thank you!


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