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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Lucy Corander - Wet Path on Hill - 5th March 2009

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Hermes said...

That looks slippery but I would be very tempted all the same.

Dot O said...

Cool photo! I know I'd slip and fall there, though....

The Weaver of Grass said...

That path looks pretty treacherous - would like to see it again in three months time if you go that way again - there should be a transformation.
Thanks for the furze information - your comment was the icing on the cake and much appreciated - now we have a comprehensive idea of what furze was used for.

Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Hermes and Dot and Weaver of Grass.

The path is slippy but not always as bad as it looks in this photo. And you can always waddle - one foot on either side! (I go up and down it a lot.)

Weaver of Grass - that's ok about the gorse. Someone else had mentioned about burning it too. The thing the Museum and Thomas Hardy people added to the discussion was the way being a furze cutter was used as a symbol of being in poverty, of not being able to do any better. I've been to the heathland where 'The Return of the Native' is set. (It's near the house where Thomas Hardy was born) and it's wide, bleak and impressive. I would think earning a living from furze cutting round there must have been like earning your living from selling grass cuttings in Hyde Park.


Sujomi (SuzyHomemaker) said...

It looks like a very interesting path...My son said that it looks like a great mud slide!

Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Suzi.

The path would be too curved and lumpy and bumpy for sliding down, I'm afraid.

A man who lives not far from this path tells me he and his friends had a mud slide near this path when he was a boy. The only thing is, one day, they were going down fast . . . and there was broken glass on the bank . . . and one of his friends had to spend some time at accident and emergency have each little bit tweezered out of his bottom.

Rambling on a bit . . . I saw some ten / eleven year old boys dragging old planks and things into the bushes the other day. Seems there's some good den-making going on. I expect your son would enjoy that!


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