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Saturday, February 28, 2009


Lucy Corrander - Wall - 14th February 2009


Debbie said...

Interesting wall. There aren't many rock walls / fences in the Southern United States. I find them fascinating.

Gordon Mason said...

Like how you've caught the light on the spikes of the wall.

Lucy Corrander said...

Gordon, re. Wall . . . it was the angle poise lamp.


Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Debbie

There used to a programme on the television (very many years ago) where experts commented on antiques.

One (Arthur Negus) was famous for taking a look at something, touching or holding it and pronouncing whether or not it was 'right' . . . ie whether or not it was 'genuine'. (And to be 'right' it generally had to be beautiful and interesting too.)

This wall fascinates me. I am almost rivetted by it. Because, although I like its spikes against the sea, it isn't quite 'right'. Its irregularities are too regular and with a proper dry stone wall, there is no mortar, not even for the spikes along the top.

So . . . I am challenged by this wall . . . why do I critisise it when it functions perfectly well as a wall? I wouldn't have taken any notice of it if it hadn't been pretending to be something it is not (or isn't 'quite').

Can one be a wall snob?


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