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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Lucy Corrander - Rocks Under Foot - 13th January 2009
Scroll Down for a Bigger Picture


Hermes said...

That works so well. I love the effects of the light.

Lucy Corrander said...

Good morning Hermes.

The light - although taking photographs in January is proving to be a challengs, this sort couldn't be taken at other times of year - sun low on the horizon, shadows gentler than in the high summer.

I wish I knew more about the rock - it seems to be some kind of pumice - which is surprising.


Gary said...

Lucy, It looks like an Oolitic Limestone, whereabouts is it? Gary

Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Gary.

Thanks for the suggestion. I appreciate it.

I've just looked up Oolitic Limestone on the internet . . ..

By the decription I found there (isn't Oolitic a wonderful word!) Portland Stone is an example.

I'm familiar with Portland Stone (you ask where this rock is . . . it is on the Weymouth side of Portland Harbour!)

But this rock is brown, not white / grey and doesn't have obvious fossils in it, which much of Portland Stone does.

I took this at a really interesting site. (To me!) It's a long area of this kind of stone, flat (discounting the bumps you can see in the picture) and under water when the tide comes in.

Any other ideas or further information?

(I'll look into 'Oolitic' further because there are often variations in the same thing . . . which may be so in this case.)


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