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Thursday, January 22, 2009


Lucy Corrander - Looking up at the Blue Lamp - 13th January 2009
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Hermes said...

I really like that. Abstract but works so well against that sky.

James Golden said...

I don't ofter comment, but I watch these every day via my Google reader. This is particularly nice.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Love it. Did you have to lie on the floor to take it?

Barbee' said...

Isn't that beautiful! What a blue sky. When I look at it, Lucy, I see a pen that has drawn a cherry with stem. Wonder what others see.

Lucy Corrander said...

I'm glad you like the Looking Up at the Blue Lamp photo, Hermes. I'm always a little nervous about apparently abstract pictures when I post here. I specially like many of them but I also realise people either definitely like them - or don't see the point of them at all. There seem to be no middles.


Lucy Corrander said...

James - it's good of you to let me know you follow these photos through your reader. Otherwise, I wouldn't have known and to know really is very encouraging.

Best wishes


Lucy Corrander said...

Weaver of grass - I didn't have to lie on my back to take the photo of the underside of The Blue Lamp. In fact, I held the phone above my head!

It's a very tall lamp - having to cast light down a flight of steps and in the area around the top of them - but, as you know, if I had had to lie on my back to get the shot . . . well . . . !


Lucy Corrander said...

Barbee - I like the image of a cherry with a stem being associated with this photo. It adds something.

And the blueness of the sky . . . people often comment on the blueness of the sky in my photos. In part, this is because we are very fortunate where I live and really do have a lot of blue skies. In part it is when the skies are blue that I go out to take pictures (!)

But there is another reason too. - Lots of my photos are taken with the lens pointing directly upwards.

When we look straight up like that (which we don't often bother to do because it gives us a crick in the neck) there is less interference from the atmosphere we look through than when we look along the surface of the earth and into the distance.

(This, I think must be the answer. I think it is also why the moon looks bigger at different points in the sky.)

Indeed, so many people have commented on this blueness that I began to wonder if it were something to do with my camera rather than with how things truly are so I went and checked.

If I look straight ahead on the phone screen . . . the sky looks pasty or murky. If I angle the lens slowly upwards until I'm looking right above my head, the view of the sky grows bluer and bluer.

This is one of the advantages of a phone instead of a proper camera - with this photo, I wasn't even looking through the screen - I stuck the phone under the lamp with the lens pointing up - and pressed the shutter - and it worked!


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