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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Remember the challenge, a couple of weeks ago? Gordon Mason of Catapult to Mars sent me a poem and asked if I could come up with a picture to go with it. The result was The Fall of Sandsfoot Castle . (You can read the poem if you click the castle photo and follow the links.)

Anyway . . . I sent him a picture in return and challenged him to come up with a poem to match.

This photo

The poem he wrote is at on his blog A Catapult to Mars today (27th January) at The Gardens That Fell Into The Sea.
Anyone else want to issue a challenge?
P.S. Scroll down this page for a bigger picture.
Lucy Corrander - The Gardens that Fell Into the Sea - 13th January 2009
P.P.S. There's more about this landslip at Loose and Leafy - Blood and Buddleia.


Mariaberg said...


Thank you for stopping by my blogg - you were looking at Two old men holding eachs other.
The comment you wrote made tears come to my eys how sweet of you parent , sorry for your mother dead.

My favorite he is still the wall and the top of the stairs.

This one it made med smile - yes it really looks like the garden has felling into the sea.

I am really sorry that my English is not very good. I love your language, to read, speak an listen to but write it is difficult.

Now I will look around,

Why don´t you join

Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Maria.

Welcome - and I hope you'll be a frequent visitor at PICTURES JUST PICTURES.

And your English! Well done!

I didn't know about the 365 Photo Challenge so thanks for mentioning it.

I've taken a look and, although it's interesting, I don't think it's my kind of thing - I would feel too constrained by the 'themes'. I prefer to do my own thing and, mostly, that means responding to what I see as I go along.

Best Wishes


Oh! And thank you for the Blotanical Fave. I very much appreciate it!

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