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Friday, December 12, 2008


Lucy Corrander - Buddleia Over Path - 3rd December 2008

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Hermes said...

Captures its form so well. I like Buddleia and always have at least one in a garden.

Lucy Corrander said...

Hermes - I'm glad you like the picture.

Unlike you, though, I don't like Buddleia itself much; perhaps because there is an awful lot round here and, in certain seasons, the bushes and trees can get very tatty. None the less, I like their fibrous and twisting branches.

This one is quite elegant I think, but, once it has flowered, it too can look a bit dilapidated.


Barbee' said...

The angle of that shot makes it look very, very tall. I didn't know they would get that tall; guess it would if I didn't cut it back each autumn. I noticed that one of our prunings rooted in the brush pile, so now there is a Buddleia growing out of it.

Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Barbee - This Buddleia does stand tall. However, even though it is quite a tall bush (which is what made me notice it) it may also be starting from a higher point than the path.

For this path follows the route of an old railway line and there are places where it goes through cuttings - which means the trees' roots start above head level. In other places, it goes along embankments - which means the trees begin way down and one walks beside their middle and upper branches.


Barbee' said...

What an interesting place to walk! Our city government is trying to do something similar with an old rail track, but I doubt that it will be as interesting as yours. Yours is probably older.

Lucy Corrander said...

Barbee - I'll be doing a post on this path for LOOSE AND LEAFY at some point. I'll put a note here when I do.


Thanks For 2 Day said...

Hi Lucy,
I love buddleia (butterfly bush:))...and as others have mentioned, this one looks so tall! I cut mine back because if I let it grow to big, it would provide too much shade to the surrounding plants; also, if it gets too wide, there will be no room for all the other plants;) That photo makes that bush look like a tree!! Have a good evening;) Jan

Lucy Corrander said...

Dear Hermes, Barbee and Jan at Thanks for 2Day,

I've changed the photo of 'Buddleia Over Path' on Pictures Just Pictures for one I used more recently on LOOSE AND LEAFY. It was taken from the same place but with a different angle and I think it's a better picture.

I hope you agree.

I'm letting you know because you left a comment with the first picture. I think your comments still fit just fine but in case you would like to check - it's at at


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