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Monday, November 3, 2008


Lucy Corrander - Iron on Block

Scroll Down for a Bigger Picture


The Weaver of Grass said...

Can't really make out what this is Lucy but I love the colour and texture as usual. Keep them coming.

Zoë said...

This looks like some kind of dinosaur bone embedded in shale. Always love to see rusted iron objects, they have such wonderful subtly of tone.

Do you ever walk along the Jurassic coast near you and photograph the sediments and fossils?


PS, I got home Friday afternoon after 10 days in, can't wait to get started with my own new camera! Hope all is well with you too? xx

ELK said...

lucy this is interesting ~ I like it!

Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Weaver of Grass

This is where a metal pole has sheered off. (Maybe cut off when it was no longer needed? I don't know. It's very smooth.)

The reason it looks odd is that I over-exposed the picture so the metal and its shape stood out against the white but the concrete base disappeared.

Otherwise, it would have looked like a boring picture of a bit of concrete which simply happened to have some odd bit of rusty metal stuck in it.

(Well, I suppose, that's all it is anyway!)

I did the same with the picture of the rope - over-exposed it so the rope stood out and the white painted metal bollard thing it was tied round faded to a place where you don't notice anything except lightness. (At least, that's the intention!)


Lucy Corrander said...


Now I'm back, I'll be catching up with your blogs and finding out properly how you are.

Hope the stay in hospital got the infection etc. sorted and that you are feeling a lot better.

(Although it can't have been fun, I hope it will have given you a welcome rest from daily travelling, I do hope so. That sounds gruelling.)

I'm trying to decide how jealous I am about your new camera. I'm torn. I'd love to have micro-possibilities, even a flash. On the other hand, clambering over rocks and through woodland is much easier with a phone in the palm of one's hand than with a 'proper' camera in a bag or round one's neck.

(What I really miss, is using a dark room; the islolation . . . the smells . . . the particular lack-of-light . . . the feeling of 'home' . . . ah! . . . nostalgia! . . . completely pointless!)


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