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Saturday, October 25, 2008


Lucy Corrander - Concrete Steps - 21st October 2008


Shibaguyz said...

As always, your photos are captivating and evocative. Thank you for continuing to post them.

mand said...

So full of promise. Love it. Something about the sunshine and the angles - i also love watching lines of streetlights curve up a hill at night, seen from a car (obviously better when someone else is driving; contemplating form while at the wheel isn't recommended, lol).

I'm really enjoying all your pix, in fact.

Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Sibaguyz and Mand.

Glad you are enjoying PICTURES JUST PICTURES.

Mand - I agree there is something special about curves. They can be calming.

What I like about this pictures is the juxtaposition of the curve (elegant and strikingly 'modern') and the regularity and order in the lines of the steps.

(They're very efficient steps too. Easy to walk up.)

And some curves are more satisfying than others, don't you find? The traffic going up some hills can be mesmerising while, on others, one simply thinks 'oh bother, it's going to be a slow journey'!


Barbee' said...

Lucy, I love seeing things through your eyes! There have been times and places (I can't remember where.) when I could see miles-long stretches of street lights that curved in the distance. They always reminded me of a string of pearls.

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