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Monday, October 27, 2008


Lucy Corrander - Balustrade - 21st October 2008

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The Weaver of Grass said...

Love the geometrical lines in this photo. You take things from such unusual angles,

garden girl said...

I love the stone wall Lucy. Very nice shot!

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Very nice perspective.
Great shot.


Jane Marie said...

I'm intrugued. Where is it? What is it? Great picture as usual, Lucy.

Barbee' said...

What an unusual shot with only the balustrade appearing to be back-lit. Looks almost like a lamp, or an evil eye (oops! too close to Halloween).

Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Everyone

So glad you like the picture of the stone wall with the balustrade because it's one of my favourite photos - very plain but also very dramatic - like a stage set . . . one feels Tosca or someone should suddenly appear there and sing!

Jane Marie asks where it is.

The balustrade is at the top of a flight of steps which leads to the Nothe Fort (opened 1872) from the Weymouth harbourside.

The fort is on a headland and it's my guess that it would fall into the sea if it weren't for this wall which seems to hold the hill up!

The Nothe Gardens (in an earlier photo) are at the top of these steps too.


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