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Saturday, August 23, 2008


Lucy Corrander - Rusted Bike

Scroll Down for a Bigger Picture


easygardener said...

Is it a unicycle? - I see shipwrecked clowns.

garden girl said...

The rusted bike would make an awesome garden ornament!

Lucy Corrander said...

Easy Gardener - No, it's not a unicycle. The rear wheel is over to the left (out of the picture).

But it is another example of me not being able to remember the proper name for things. It's one of those low-powered, small-wheeled motorbikes that are popular in France.

(Mr Bean rides one in Mr Bean's holiday.)

Some members of my family are of the wishful opinion that the tide brought it across The Channel. (Mermaids instead of clowns?)


Lucy Corrander said...

Garden Girl - I nearly called it 'Sea Sculpture' in the title.

It's extraordinary how rubbish can be interesting.

And like more conventional 'sculpture' the setting is crucial.


Philip Bewley said...

What a beautiful coast. I am always intrigued with what washes up on the coast. It becomes transformed.
The seaweed is great. I love seaweed, which may be an odd thing to say, and one cannot grow it in ones garden( at least I have never heard of anyone doing it, except as fertilizer,but wouldn't it be a gas if they did!) but I love it nevertheless.

Lucy Corrander said...

Wouldn't it be wonderful if one could be rich enough to create a tidal garden?


Lucy Corrander said...

Thinking you might like to know - the post for 29th August shows what the sea did with the rusted bike.


Hort Log said...

This is an interesting photo, but I think it would be more atmospheric and focussed if the top part of the pic (plier, boats and non-mossy rocks) are not included or 2 cents....

Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Hort Log

It's interesting you say that because it was my thought too.

Initially, I tried to take the photo without the boats - but that meant I couldn't get a good angle on the bike. So I decided to take it as you now see it then crop it when I got home.

But when I cut the top off, it didn't look right at all.

So I went back to re-photo the bike, thinking if the picture didn't look right with the upper background taken away, I'd try it with the full height of the boats included.

- But it had already been moved by the tide - and I ended up with the photo of it under water instead. (Did you see that one too?)

I find it an interesting and challenging process, choosing photos for this blog. As well as the kind of imperfection you have noted here, some of them aren't as crisply focused as I would like.

I mull over them a lot - and if they keep coming to mind, sort of get stuck there, even if there are noticable flaws, I go with them - because they are of unrepeatable moments and if the subject matter hasn't moved, the sun will have.

The photos on your blog are fascinating for me. Such different flora and fauna from anything round here (unsurprisingly!) - wonderfully dramatic and interesting.

Thank you for your comment. I really appreciate it - and hope you will frequently put in your few cents of opinion and suggestions!


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