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Sunday, August 24, 2008


Lucy Corrander - Brick Arch in Dappled Woodland

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Dee said...

Thanks for visiting my blog- I am glad you enjoyed the pictures! I love sharing my little piece of the desert with others who like me, before I moved here, thought the desert a barren boring place. I am also pleased to have discovered your blog- you have some amazing pictures as well! I'll be spending some time here!

Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Dee - so pleased you like the photos here!

On your Blotanical plot, you say how living in Tucson is a dream come true.

I didn't know about Dorset before I moved here - I mean, I knew it existed (!) but it is one of the counties of England which gets missed out of people's consciousness. Sometimes I feel as if living here is like living in a dream that I never knew to have, it is so beautiful at every turn.


Philip Bewley said...

I enjoy how you capture form and light

Collected said...

Thanks Philip.

I suppose I choose what 'form' to photo but the light more or less 'does itself'. Sometimes I accentuate the light patterns by how I take the photo but really, it's just there.

I used to take a lot of black and white photos and develop and print them myself. And I used to spend a lot of time in the dark room getting the light / dark patterns right so the picture would express what I see.

While I miss doing that (I loved the seclusion and the concentration and the smell of the chemicals) the ability to delete pictures so easily with digital photography means I can take several pictures of the same thing in different ways and chose the one I want later, without fiddling.

So far, except for occasional cropping, I haven't had to alter or 'enhance' any photos.

When it comes down to it, I don't know why I bother to take several each time either. I nearly always like the first one best. I suppose it will generally best capture the relationship between the photographer and what is seen.

(Except this doesn't work when there are others along for the walk who are likely to catch hold of your sleeve just as you press the shutter or who want you to look at something else or see what it looks like through their camera . . . then I take lots of shots and hope something good will come out by chance . . . and sometimes it does!)

(And sometimes the light has moved on . . . )


Lucy Corrander said...

Ditto to comment on 'Rusty Bike' post.

'Collected' is me with the wrong email address open.



Philip Bewley said...

I have had to read your comments a few times.
I am right there with you when one goes out and photgraphs things.
You discuss your process as the true artist you are.

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