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Saturday, November 6, 2010


A post for


TYRA said...

Great macro!

RuneE said...

The Vikings are supposed to have used a dried version of this, and maybe they then saw wonderful these colours too?

A great macro :-)

Hermes said...

I'll stick to button mushrooms, but great shot.

Nat said...

Love the detail :)

Luis Gomez said...

Really wonderful!

Chuck said...

Very impressive. Looks so surrealistic.

faye said...

Interesting macro..
love the color

Lucy Corrander said...

Thanks Tyra.

Rune - I've been told even until recent times Amanita Muscaria were fed to reindeer and the urine drunk by their herders for hallucinogenic effects.

Hermes, I prefer field mushrooms when they are big and open. Like you, I avoid everything else!

Hello Nat - I find these circles of dots slightly mesmeric.

Luis and Chuck - if you'd like to see a really story-book type toadstool, see my post at

Faye, I linked this post to 'Colour Carnival'.


Rita said...

I had to look up your description to learn what this was. Had not heard the term before.

At first glance I thought it was the top of a squash or perhaps a gourd.

Love the color and the spots.

Thanks for coming along for a ride on the old carousel with me. I do appreciate all those who visit and leave a comment.

Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Rita.

The Amanita Musacaria (Fly agaric) is the archetypal toadstool. It seems to feature somewhere in all children's fairy tale books.

I'm glad I visited your blog. The carousel post is one I expect I will always remember.


"Lillagul" said...

Lovely macro on the Toad Stoll !

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