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Monday, September 6, 2010


Hello! I'll be posting daily again from now.

I posted this photo of a seed-head last week on my other blog, Loose and Leafy - but I think 'Pictures Just Pictures' visitors will like to see a few of the images I've used elsewhere during my absence so I'll slip one in from time to time. Apologies to anyone who's seen them before.

I'm looking forward to coming round to visit everyone - there are a lot of people and pictures to see, so it will take some time . . . but I'll be there. (I hope.) (Eventually.)


Sujomi said...

Welcome back Lucy! I've missed your daily photos.

Is that a Queen Anne's Lace seedhead? I've always thought they look alien-y

Hermes said...

Welcome back - just in time for the Autumn storms (lol). This is a cracker of a picture, love the detail. Your camera certainly came up with the goods.

Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Sujomi - and thanks.

I'm no longer sure what to say when people ask if this is a Queen Anne's Lace Seedhead. Each time, I've said 'no' because, to me, it isn't. To me, Queen Ann's Lace is tall and elegant and . . . well, lacey. This is much shorter and the little flowers which make up the big flower (my botanical language is sadly lacking here!) more closely packed and I don't like the result.

However, I realise people in different regions use the same name for different plants so . . . maybe it is!

But, whatever it's called, it's in the Queen Anne's Lace family.


P.S. You look much younger in your picture than I imagined you to be.

Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Hermes.

I'm feeling that the trials with my previous camera have turned out all to the best because I feel very much at home with this new one!


Sujomi said...

I'm younger looking because that is a photo from a high school graduation party in 1985...I don't mind that I'm looking older nowadays but I do wish I was as skinny as I was back then!

Chuck said...

Lucy welcome back. You have been missed! I look forward any photos you choose to post.

faye said...

Fantastic shot..
I've missed your photos !!

Pat Tillett said...

Hello my friend!
What a surprise to see the post pop up on my dashboard!

Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Chuck and Faye and Pat. Thank you for your welcome. It's good to be back!


ADRIAN said...

Good to see you back.

Lucy Corrander said...

Thanks Adrian.

Good to see you are still travelling too!


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