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Wednesday, December 30, 2009




BLOGitse said...

Coool shot!
Thanks for your comment on my blog.
I'll be back... :)

ADRIAN said...

Agree totally, a blog is like a newspaper, here today gone tomorrow. Excelled yourself today, what a superb image.

Dot O said...

Love the perspective on this!! Merry, Merry Christmas!! Sorry I've been such a slacker in visiting. One of my resolutions is at least once a week visits to my blogging friends.

Thank you for stopping by my spot too!

Lucy Corrander said...

Thanks BLOGitse.

I look forward to you returning and commenting in the future.


Lucy Corrander said...

A bit lost on the blog and newspaper reference, Adrian but glad you like the squashed can.


Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Dot. I'm always pleased when people drop by but never expect it. It's always nice to receive comments but I don't feel huffy if there are none. I'm more bothered if I think people are coming out of duty or politeness instead of because they like the photos! I know you have been very busy of late too and as for me - well, I'm very hit and miss about where I visit and when!

Hope you are having a restful time with your family.

I'd better start saying 'Happy New Year' now instead of 'Happy Christmas' - so all the best for 2010!


James said...

Great shot. I guess you know you have talent when you're able to make an old beer can look appealing.

Pat Tillett said...

Hi Lucy,
I wasn't sure if you got my response to your nice words on my blog...

Thanks so much for your kindness. First of all, I don't find your photos trivial in the slightest bit. On the contrary I love them. I like to view photgraphs that reflect an item as it really is. It can be a leaf, a fence post, or a person. From my minds eye you are very good at that. I think I "saw" what you feeling as you took the shot.

If you visit my spot occasionaly I think you'll see that I also try to "capture" a moment in time, or the history of that fence post, or the feeling a person might be having at a particular moment. I see that fence post, or gate, or buiding as something that has witnessed a lot in it's time. And those things tend to wear them down.

To me the place that inspires that feeling the most in me is Japan. I hope you had a chance to check those out on site. I have many more.

As to Vietnam, I assure you it won't be too graphic. The entries are primarily made up of short stories (all true) relating to more of the crazy things that seem to happen in my life. I also have many more stories from my earlier life that will find their way here...

thanks again for spending some time both reading and commenting...


Lucy Corrander said...

Thanks James. I appreciate your compliment.


Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Pat.

I did read your message before. Sorry if I didn't acknowledge it. I'm not the most brilliantly efficient of people!

I've replied on your blog and shall catch up on all the posts I have missed once we get into January.

Best wishes for 2010.


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