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Thursday, November 5, 2009



Gordon Mason said...

Mmmm tasty!

Lucy Corrander said...

A very tiny meal!

I'm trying to work out your new icon. Is that you dancing in a kilt with your trousers on? And are there meraccas in your hand? The most cheerful Highland dancer I've ever seen.


Hermes said...

I think the caption could be Slow but Sure.

Lucy Corrander said...

I was tempted by 'Going Up' - but try to keep titles stark in case they become text in disguise.


Janet said...

What a great photo. I like the stone detail in contrast with the snail.

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Beautiful photo!

Lucy Corrander said...

Thanks Janet and Jennifer.


P.S. The stone is metal.


J said...

Lucy - I emailed Gail and she said that the photographs will be developed in Morocco; she's currently exploring sponsorships with Moroccan labs and multinational companies.

I like the verticality of this, an interesting little twist.

Lucy Corrander said...

Hello J.

It's at moments like this that I am confronted by my weakness. I know I couldn't do work like Gail's because the setting would be too overwhelmingly frightening. Thank heavens the world isn't full of wimps or it would be a darker place.

The verticality - it struck me after I took the snail photo that I don't think one finds snails sitting around horizontally. I suppose, if they did, they would be at risk of having their homes flooded while they snoozed or slept.


Barbarapc said...

Lucy, so glad to be back to check out your pix. Absolutely love the view to Purbeck and Seaweed. Just imagine how wonderful the air was. Feel like I've taken a little mini-trip.

Lucy Corrander said...

Barbara, how nice that you left a comment. I haven't heard from you for ages. For that matter, I haven't visited you for ages either! . . . apologies.

So glad you like the photos. The weather has been mild but the light has been, for the most part, dull - so one specially appreciates the times when one can go pottering out with the camera and the low-on-the-horizon sun makes a special sort of atmosphere.


Bim said...

I've got a companion piece to this! Maybe next week I can dig it out (my computer is broken).

You asked where my shore picture was taken: in the Lake District.

Lucy Corrander said...

Let me know when you post your companion for the snail Bim and I'll put a link from here. (If you would like.)

Good luck with your computer. You seem to be having a lot of troubles with it recently.

The screen on mine is gradually pink turning pink.

Good luck too with the Best Blurb competition for your book with the wonderful photos of Peru. I'll put the URL of the vote page here in case anyone who is receiving forwarded comments might like to take a look.

Here it is


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