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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Lucy Corrander  -  Rain in the Woosds  -  October 24th 2009  -  Sony DSC-T77


Hermes said...

Looks cold and wet but wonderful shot.

Janet said...

There is something magical about rain while you are in the woods.

joey said...

Must have smelled wonderful!

Japa said...

Must wait before the place gets drier so can walk that path and enjoy the scenery. Fresh air and all is an incomparable and priceless "commodity" we can't buy. Would be very nice if places like this stay as they are, so many can appreciate for many years to come. Nature has a way of paying off what many should appreciate now before its gone.

Lucy Corrander said...

It was certainly wet, Hermes, but fortunately not cold.


Lucy Corrander said...

Janet - the rain was lovely. It deepened the colours, emphasised the fibrous trunks of some trees and the smooth, dark shininess of others. I love woods and I love gentle rain (which this was) - so I was very happy walking there.


Lucy Corrander said...

Hi Joey.

I was very grateful for the fresh air. I had been walking on a road parallel with this path and there was a lot of traffic. The trees on either side of the road and arching over it were trapping the fumes from the exhausts and it was awful. I expect the people in the cars were thinking they were driving through a very nice place but the cars they were driving in were making it almost unbearable for anyone else.

I lasted as long as I could but, when I began to feel nauseous because the air was so noxious, I went down a bank into the woods, thinking I would prefer to be muddy than choked . . . and found this path. Wonderful! It went all the way to where I was going and, if I have to walk this way again, I won't even try to bother with the road!


Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Japa.

The ground was chalky under the leaves and there was slope on my right leading steeply down to a river so the water was running off efficiently and I had no trouble walking. In a few places, it was even possible to run.

Like you, I hope this path is allowed to stay as it is. The woodland there is managed very sensitively.


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