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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Lucy Corrander  HARTS TONGUE FERN - ASPLENIUM SCOLOPENDRIUM  -  November 24th 2009  -  Sony DSC-T77


Hermes said...

What a great shot. And a lovely fern.

Lucy Corrander said...

I like these ferns Hermes.

I took other photos at the same time but on a different camera setting. They came out much lighter and brighter. But this is the one which shows how it really was - dull and autumny!


rosa said...

We have these in our little neck of the world as well. Asplenium! I like to say it out loud, "Asplenium scolopendrium!" can also be said like a blessing, while one crosses oneself.

Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Rosa.

That's interesting. I might have expected your climate to be too hot and dry and sunny for these ferns. As you can see from the photo, round here they tend to grow in damp, shadowy places. They specially seem to like slopes, either like this in woodland or on the sides of ditches. I've always liked them, right from when I was a child.

The ones in this wood seem specially elegant somehow and there are lots of them.

You might like to know that children sometimes loop rope swings over the branches of the more mature trees in this woodland. (Unfortunately, the ones in shot are too thin for this and by the way the ivy is growing up them I wonder how much longer they will have.)

Oh! And 'Aspenium' would do just as well as an expletive, don't you think?


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