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Friday, October 2, 2009


Lucy Corrander - The Swinging Tendril - September 27th 2009 - Sony DSC-T77

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easygardener said...

Tendril - an attractive, soothing word for some reason. Or maybe it's just me.

Lucy Corrander said...

A lovely languid word.

I sense mentionting the word is a way of avoiding saying anything about the picture! I was disappointed when I put it on the blog. It looks spectacular in the un-posted version but has gone sort of muddy now it's in place.

Never mind. Just soothe yourself to sleep saying 'tendril, tendril, tendril'. Hope you are re-aclimatising after your holiday.


Karen said...

I like this one, especially the light Karen

garden girl said...

Actually Lucy, I think it's a lovely photo. The light is gorgeous. I've just been doing a bit of catching up here, and continue to be awed by your talent with the camera and your eye for composition.

bentonflocke said...

wonderful composition of lightning and color!

Have a nice weekend!

Lucy Corrander said...

Thanks Karen and Linda and Angelika. I'm glad you like the swinging tendril.

It's now an ex-tendril. You may have noticed the leaf all bunched up by an insect which made a house for itself. Well, too many such creatures were moving in. It was becoming a sort of swinging block of flats for grubs, with tight packages where elegant leaves should be. So an early autumn has been delivered to that part of the vine!


cassel34 said...


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