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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Lucy Corrander - Can in Muddy Water - October 2nd 2009 - Sony DSC-T77

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Janet said...

If you hadn't said it was muddy water I would have thought it was a photo shop tweak. Very interesting looking.

Debbie said...

Very cool shot. I also thought at first, that you were playing with photoshop.

Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Janet and Debbie.

I don't have photo shop but I am able to crop and to heighten contrast - which is what I did here.

This is just a fragment from a photo of a litter-burdened stream running beside a town high street. In the uncropped picture there are more cans and an old bottle. It's quite fun to peer into it but, it seems, to me, to work better when cut into bits for the blog. I was torn, as well, between the un-changed contrast of the 'original' and this version. Before I heightened the contrast, it was quite mysterious. In the end, as you see, I opted for drama!

This bit is where the water sloshes against the shallower, muddy bit. That causes the ripples. It was evening and there was a lot of reflection down into the water too.

I some ways, the title is inappropriate because the water itself was surprisingly clear but was running up and over the mud and rubbish. (There was rubbish in the flowing bit too. I was looking down into it over a bridge. I think passers by must just chuck stuff over in passing.)

Bit difficult to explain all this in a title!


Hermes said...

The water looks quite fast and those coke tins are very light, so I guess it is stuck there, at least for a while. Very good shot Lucy.

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