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Thursday, August 6, 2009


Lucy Corrander - Triangles - August 2nd 2009


Janet said...

Nice shapes.

Hermes said...

I really like it Lucy. But the gardener in me immediately said edging (lol).

Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Janet. Glad you like the shapes. I was interested that basically undistinguished paving slabs have been made interesting because they change from one kind to another as they go round the corner.

I also like the contrasting textures, both between the slabs themselves and with the grass.


Lucy Corrander said...

Oh, Hermes! Sharp edging kills grass along over-clipped lines. I like the feathery look of where the grass has grown since it was lsast cut too.

It shows here, though, that a lot of work goes into this park!


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