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Friday, June 5, 2009


Lucy Corrander - Seaweed - May 25th 2009

Scroll Down for a Bigger Picture


Dot O said...

Great closeup of the seaweed!

Hermes said...

Lovely colour shot and even more poppable (is that a word!) than the last.

Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Dot and Hermes.

I'm glad you like the seaweed. This clump (if that's the right way to describe it ? ? ?) seems a lot more 'alive' than that which I photoed last time. I know nothing about seaweed so I don't know whether the black, brittle version will reanimate when washed by the waves.

Since I have been blogging, I find myself re-visiting all sorts of strange things to see how they are getting on . . . trees, branches, bits of seaweed!



Oz Girl said...

I do like this photo of the seaweed, Lucy. There is so much detail in it... who would have thought that seaweed could be so interesting? :)

Lucy Corrander said...

And Hermes is right, Oz Girl - the little sacks on this kind of seaweed are fun to pop.

I took this photo recently but I am cross with myself for not taking a photo after a storm in the winter when mountains of different kinds of weeds of all sorts of sizes, shapes and colours were washed up onto the beach and I didn't have time to photograph them. I'm not exactly looking forward for the end of the year to come round again but . . .


Karen said...

Hi Lucy, Thankyou for your latest visit, the same seems to apply to me as well.
Love the Seaweed.

Lucy Corrander said...

I expect you are busy with other things at the moment, Karen, but are you photographing even though you are not posting? Or is photography in abeyance too?


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