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Thursday, May 21, 2009


Lucy Corrander - One Yellow Leafy - 21st May 2009

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John said...

Neat capture.
Hi, This is not a lensflare or something with the lens to do.
There must be some kind of phenomenon. :)

garden girl said...

Lucy, your photos continue to inspire and impress me.

Wonderful shot!

Hermes said...

A yellow leaf already - well spotted though. Looks like a good weekend to come.

elk said...

and an incredible one it is!

Lucy Corrander said...

John - glad you like the yellow leaf.

Whether it is lensflare or sunflare a reflection . . . or a giant butterfly (!) your Friday Skywatch photo is attracting a great deal of admiration!


Lucy Corrander said...

Thanks Linda.

I've been feeling a bit dejected about my photography recently because the results from the camera seem very 'heavy' compared with the phone ones.

Your encouragement has come at just the right moment.


Lucy Corrander said...

Hermes - I think these woods are having their own mini-autumn. There are quite a few yellow leaves dropped on the ground.


Lucy Corrander said...

Elk - I'm not sure whether you mean it's an incredible leaf or an incredible weekend to come!

I like the way the sun will sometimes pick out one thing and put the spotlight on it, as if for our special attention and notice.

And, as for the weekend . . . looks set to be pretty sunny and pleasant here according to the forecast but there's a heaviness in the air which suggests it may not hold after all.

Hope you have a pleasant weekend ahead. I think there should be a new expression along the lines of 'may you have many golden leaves'!


Michele said...

This is a cool effect! I really like how you did this one... very nice!!

Lucy Corrander said...

Thanks Michelle. It's just a matter of exposure. Not as impressive as your Moose photos!


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