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Thursday, May 14, 2009


Lucy Corrander - On Path to Albert's Beach - April 25th 2009

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Hermes said...

That is terrific, how you caught the light.

Lucy Corrander said...

Thanks Hermes.

This picture was intended for tomorrow but the scheduling has gone wrong again. I think it's something to do with using Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer.


Hermes said...

Sorry about the confusion about the flannel. I meant to say I had bought one just like that from Sainsbury's. I was too cryptic!

I tried Chrome and didn't personally like it, though it is fast. I want to upgrade to IE8 but it is not supported by my bank at the moment.

Lucy Corrander said...

Because we don't have a Sainsbury's here yet (one is being built in Dorchester) I wasn't sure if you meant the flannel looked as if it came from Sainsbury's (Boots) or that the colour scheme of blue and red is like that of Sainsbury.

Chrome - I use it for most of the time but try to remember to switch back to Internet Explorer when preparing blogs. If I don't . . . this is the kind of thing which happens.

It's also difficult to move pictures around on Chrome and it doesn't like to change text colours either. It has an annoying habit of reverting to a previous format if one wants to make additional changes too.

I like the ease of opening tabs with Chrome . . and its speed . . which is why I switch backwards and forwards . . . and trip myself up in the process!


The Weaver of Grass said...

I do like the way you spot unusual or arresting things Lucy. The dandelion clock, this tiny sprig just catching the light. You have a keen eye.

bentonflocke said...

great lightning and colours!! Fantastic shot!

Sujomi (SuzyH) said...

Your capture of the light is divine.

Lucy Corrander said...

Hi Weaver of Grass - and just think how well you describe the details of the countryside and of Yorkshire country life in words!


Lucy Corrander said...

Angelika and Suzi - I'm glad you like the wayside leaf and the light shining through it.


Tatyana said...

I love it! Can almost feel a warmth of the sun!

Lucy Corrander said...

Hi Tatyana.

Today that leaf will be biffed and buffeted by the rain.


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