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Saturday, April 4, 2009


Lucy Corrander - Clematis Armandii Shoot - 29th March 2009
Scroll Down for a Bigger Picture


Barbee' said...

It's dancing! Nice breakup of space. Peaceful photo.

Lucy Corrander said...

Barbee, what a good description, it is dancing, isn't it. And if there is a breeze, the likeness is even more striking.

I love these armandii shoots. They are so light and delicate now - in contrast with their huge, glossy, evergreen, adult selves. It reminds me of the way there seem to be few connections between the creatures who are lambs and those who are sheep.


Dot O said...

Simple but great composition! I love this.

Lucy Corrander said...

Thanks Dot. I'm glad you like the armandii shoot.


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