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Sunday, March 29, 2009


Lucy Corrander - Pictures Just Pictures - Silver - 11th August 2008

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Hermes said...

I really like that, I wish I could put something about sky and sea touching into something poetic.

Gordon Mason said...

Like a zipper joining the sky to the sea

bentonflocke said...

wonderful shot - full of atmosphere.

Barbee' said...

An everywhere of silver,
With ropes of sand
To keep it from effacing
The track called land.

Emily Dickinson

keewee said...

very nice shot indeed.

Printemps said...

Wow! The Horizon!

Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Hermes. Emily Dickinson seems to have got there first!

(As she did with quite a few things.)

Not that that stops anyone from adding to the collection!


Lucy Corrander said...

Barbee - thank you for supplying those lovely words.


Lucy Corrander said...

Gordon - that's exactly right - except I wish there were a more poetic synonym for 'zip' or 'zipper'.


Lucy Corrander said...

Thanks Bentonflocke.

This view is lovely, whatever the weather - but on the morning I took this, everything was especially still. Hard to guess it is a major wind and kite surfing location!


Lucy Corrander said...

Thank you Keewee.


Lucy Corrander said...

Printemps - the horizon is even more interesting in real life than in the photo.

It is not the land - but a huge harbour wall built with stone hewed from the quarries of Portland by Napoleonic prisoners of war about two miles distance.

If you notice, there are two entrances in this view. There is a chain across the right hand one to stop ships coming in by that route. This is because HMS Hood was intentionally sunk there as a barricade against enemy incursion.

I've always thought this was during the Second World War but, looking on the internet to check dates, some articals say it was at the beginning of the First. (One article says both - as if it were raised and sunk again!) Once again with this blog . . . I post a photo, then find I need to do some extra research. When Weymouth wakes up (about mid-morning) I'll check this out properly.

Also in the picture are a frigate and a fishing boat. Interesting conjunction between peace and war.


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