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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Lucy Corrander - Poundbury - 12th February 2009

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Oz Girl said...

Ah, don't you just love road construction? Although it looks like access is good. Spring is coming here in the states, so prepare for orange cones everywhere!! I like this shot, especially the buildings as they fade down the street.

Lucy Corrander said...

It's not often one gets the chance to stand in the middle of a road and get that narrowing of perspective.

This general area is one where lots of people like to come for their holidays. I expect our orange cones will start coming out in time for their arrival . . . perhaps they should be seen as seasonal decorations, like Christmas baubles.


Sujomi (SuzyHomemaker) said...

There is construction everywhere I drive! I like the perspective on your photo. How many cars did you have to dodge while taking it? ;)

Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Suzy.

I wasn't sufficiently clear about this, I apologise. It's Poundbury, the town, which is under construction, not just the roads there . . . the whole everything!

That which is built is already inhabited . . . and there are places of work too.

VP at Vegplotting is having a post about it tomorrow (4th March) in relation to public planting.

But it's an odd place. Despite the big offices, warehouses and a few shops . . . it is very empty of cars and pedestrians during the daytime.

I had to be aware that construction traffic might come up behind me when I took this photo - but not one private car came by.

To some degree, this is part of the thinking behind Poundbury . . . that people will be able to walk to work . . . all the same, it is very quiet!


Lucy Corrander said...

Sorry - I said 4th March. I'm not awake. Tomorrow is 5th March.


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