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Monday, March 9, 2009


Lucy Corrander - Hedgerow Honeysuckle at the Beginning of March - 5th March 2009
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Hermes said...

Great picture. Lovely morning here, but last night it was snowing near Glastonbury. Weird weather. The poor plants must be confused.

blossom said...

Weird weather in Malaysia too. One minute it's damn hot, the next too cold and raining. Way too much rain. Not complaining, though.

Oz Girl said...

Ah, lovely, a sign of spring! I wonder, does the honeysuckle smell as sweet early in the season as it does later??! What a heavenly smell.

Lucy Corrander said...

Hi Hermes - I'm finding it fascinating how plants quite close to each other are at different stages of seasonal growth.

And it's no wonder they are in a muddle. This picture was taken on the same day as the photos of the trees in the snow! - only in the afternoon instead of the morning.


Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Blossom.

We had an inch of rain in the night between Saturday and Sunday - which was almost as much a surprise as the snow was a few days before.


Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Oz Girl.

Although very pretty, these are the young leaves of honeysuckle.

The scent - it's best when the weather is warm. Ah, you're making me home-sick for summer. (If that makes sense!)


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