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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Lucy Corrander - Sea Shore and the Cliff Foot - 13th January 2009

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Hermes said...

Reminds me of a painting Lucy - lovely light and forms.

Lucy Corrander said...

Good morning Hermes.

I look forward to your early comments.

Big thanks. It makes a cheerful start to the day.

And I was really pleased with this photo - the way it makes brown warm and interesting.


Hermes said...

I get up far too early really Lucy, habit, even though I am now retired. I think my brain must be wired that way. And gives me a chance to work on my blogs with no phones ringing.

Barbee' said...

I have brown eyes. When I was a child my mother dressed me mostly in browns to my chagrin; I'd much rather have had pretty colors: red, blue, green, etc. Now that I am grown: the older I get the more beautiful brown is to me. Maybe that is the way she was seeing it. Now I find great pleasure in the richness of all the shades of brown... lovely, Lucy.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I like the sepianess (is there such a word, Lucy) of this very much.

Gordon Mason said...

Oooh! Like a big spread of porridge!

Collected said...

Barbee, hello!

Brown isn't really a colour for little girls, I don't think. And middle aged women can look drab. However, older women with white hair can look very beautiful when wearing natural browns.

And I don't know why - but little boys can often look very handsome in brown. Don't know why there's that difference.

What interests me about this picture is that one usually associates brown with autumn - but I took this photo yesterday (on the 13th January).


Collected said...

Thank you Weaver of Grass.

If it weren't for the green seaweed in the foreground, one might even take it to be a sepia photo.

As it is . . . well, as you say . . . it's almost full (but not quite!) of sepianess.

(Seems a pretty good word to me!)


Collected said...

Gordon - I don't know what's happened in Scotland recently but, when I lived there, porridge wasn't lumpy and brown.

And the porridge I make now isn't either. Indeed, it comes out a pleasant, creamy kind of colour.

Do you burn yours, perhaps?

Incidentally, the lumps and bumps are part of a lumpy bumpy rocky area which is revealed at low tide.


Collected said...

Oh! Bother. I'm coming out as collected again.

Far from Collected!


(It is me!)

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