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Friday, January 9, 2009


Lucy Corrander - Rocks Holding the Cliff up and Reeds Holding the Sea Back - November 24th 2008

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Ric said...

Dear Lucy,
Your photography is so inspiring to me.
Well, You and I cannot go out into the world, cameras in hand to see what we could see as we are thousands of miles apart.
When I look at things and take photographs I have been inspired by your vision. I have not posted those photographs yet, but there is a post that will be done in honor of Pictures just Pictures...
So, I have to say, your photography inspires me.

Lucy Corrander said...


I don't know what to say.

Thanks Philip.

Your blog (Philip's Garden Blog) is one of the best - with truly interesting text and wonderful photos - so I really do feel very honoured.

I was going to say I'm speechless - but I've just said somthing so I can't - but I'm as near speechless as you can be while still talking.

Thanks again.


garden girl said...

Hi Lucy, I'm with Philip - your photography is truly inspiring.

When I stumbled upon the rusty old farm equipment this fall while visiting friends of my mom's, I thought of you. I wonder if I would have taken those pictures otherwise.

I find myself looking at things differently than I used to thanks to your vision.

Gordon Mason said...

Always inspiring, you know that Lucy! Now the titles are getting as intriguing as the photos!

Barbee' said...

Lovely photo, Lucy. I was grown and then some before I learned how fragile the dunes are. You named it well.

Lucy Corrander said...

Oh! Garden Girl! This is so encouraging!

And it has come on just the right day. What light there is, is flat and dim and it's hard to differentiate things with one's eyes, let alone through a lens.

The landscape is fuzzy and grey and I've been on the edge of thinking I might run out of photos!

You have renewed me with determination . . . even if I have to rise up and stoke the sun into greater effort so there's something to see by!

And - as you know - I loved your post on the farm machinery in the woods. I often keep pictures in my head for years and look at them there from time to time - and your machinery photos are among them.

In fact, if ever I were to visit America (which is about as likely as me rising up to stoke the sun!) one of my first wishes would be for you to show me round the place where you took those pictures!

(And I'd like Philip to invite me to tea in his tea-house!)

So . . . on a dull, grey, listless, windless, frosty, not-very-nice-ice-in-the-mud kind of day - thank you!


Lucy Corrander said...

Gordon - unfortunately, the title is a symptom of the problem I was explaining to Linda (Garden Girl).

It shows that, however much I like the photo of the reeds and the rocks, it doesn't really belong on this blog. (But I had to chose one for the day!).

On Pictures Just Pictures (unlike on Loose and Leafy) I want the images to speak for themselves.

To be allowed here, they should be strong enough not to need explanatory titles. But one that does is better than missing a day so . . . !

Has your weather cheered up in Spain yet?


Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Barbee

Reeds and grass are certainly useful in stopping England from being washed out to sea!

The photo here, though, isn't of dunes. The cliff is made of clay-ey mud. In the summer, it dries and cracks. In the winter it goes soggy and slip-slidey. This switching backwards and forwards causes bits to fall off every year. The footpaths get pushed further inland and the sea follows.

This mutibility is one of the things which makes it interesting. It is also makes it alarming for those who have houses or farms along the coast!


Gordon Mason said...

Hi Lucy

Left Spain yesterday morning -3 degrees in the south! Now in 4 degrees Edinburgh!

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