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Monday, January 19, 2009


Lucy Corrander - Bark and Lichen - 13th January 2009

Scroll Down for a Bigger Picture


Hermes said...

Apart from being a good picture Lucy, it struck me as how good it would be as a textile.

Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Hermes.

What would you make with it?


Hermes said...

I personally wouldn't mind it as a cushion cover but it might make a really good wall hanging Lucy. I'm interested in textures. one reason I love your blog.

easygardener said...

There is a lot of pleasure to be got from stroking bark. Unfortunately this requires a tree to be nearby. My dream garden would have very old tree by a wooden seat.

Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Easygardener

What about a huge log with its bark still on?

You could grow ferns and moss and things on it and sit on it too!


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