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Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Lucy Corrander - Tracks - Wokingham - October 2008


Hermes said...

I really like this. The way the road and tracks cross works so well.

Lucy Corrander said...

Oh! I'm so pleased. I was just saying to myself 'This is one no-one will like except me'!

And that's precisely it - the road . . . the way it introduces a curve (softness) without disrupting the draw of the straight lines.

Thanks, Hermes.


Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

Lucy, this is lovely for two reasons - it is an interesting picture, but also - it is rather nice to see Wokingham station again

Lucy Corrander said...

Karen - You recognise it!

And not many people would say they like to see Wokingham Station. (At least, not from the aesthetic point of view!)


Barbee' said...

My first thought was: Where in the WORLD was she standing! Then, I realized there must be an overpass bridge and road. Really an interesting photo. I've never been there so enjoyed seeing it.

Lucy Corrander said...

Barbee - as much as I would like to give the impression that I can hover above railway lines . . . !

There is a level crossing with a footbridge for pedestrians wanting to go over the rails while the traffic has to wait for the train to go by.

Sometime, it would be fun to stand on the bridge while a train is in the station and look down on it and take a photo of its roof.


Susan said...

I really love this photo.

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