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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Lucy Corrander - A Conflict of Lights - 22nd November 2008
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Mo said...

Lovely picture, very unusual texture!

Lucy Corrander said...

Hi Mo!

I'm glad you like the Conflict of Lights picture. It's a bit bizarre, I realise, but I find it exciting.

Incidentally, Esther tells me she thinks of you now every time she wraps a present. Something to do with newspaper . . . ?


P.S. It was on the news the other day that the Queen has said everyone (didn't catch who the everyone is . . . her family, her staff . . . ?) should re-use Christmas wrapping paper. Clearly, where that Montgomery woman leads, Royalty follows! L.

Lucy Corrander said...

P.S. Mo. That, or the Queen reads your blog . . . . Lucy

easygardener said...

No wonder some people see lights and think it was a UFO.

Lucy Corrander said...

Easy Gardener - interesting that you say that.

This photo was taken in Weymouth.

If I had turned and taken a photo in the opposite direction it would have been out to sea, across Weymouth Bay.

About fifteen years ago, there was a UFO alert there when a couple of traffic police saw a large red object in the sky above the water.

It turned out to be Mars.


(I have trouble with stories like this . . . it sounds so much like an urban myth . . . but I read it in our local paper . . . which, of course, may be the source of many an urban myth . . . )


The Weaver of Grass said...

I like the conflict of lights, :Lucy, it is a bit of a departure from your usual ones. Although I have to say I love the split tree too.

Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Weaver of Grass

I'm glad you like The Conflict of Lights.

It doesn't feel like a departure, in the sense that I wasn't conscious of doing anything different when I took it. It's just that I'm not often out at night so the opportunity hasn't arisen before.

I have self-imposed guidelines for this blog.

No people.
No flowers.
If anyone else would have taken it - I won't.

Being that I made these rules for myself, I would feel ok about breaking them.

But . . . this one . . . well, it fits!


P.S. I know other people do take pictures like me - you and Gordon Mason have both pointed me to people whose photographs show, in certain ways, a shared vision. None the less - I expect you know, broadly, what I mean. L.

Lucy Corrander said...

Another p.s. to Weaver of Grass . . . which having been said . . . I got in a muddle about dates for the pictures and had to put two in in a rush (Buddleia and Field in Autumn) and they don't really 'fit'.


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