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Thursday, November 13, 2008


Lucy Corrander - Bournemouth Station Roof on a November Afternoon


Hermes said...

That works so well against that sky - which is just like I have outside as I write.

Lucy Corrander said...

Good Morning Hermes!

I think your weather is heading our way.

If I look to the west, it is a pretty solid sky.

To the east, pale blue with pretty, puffy clouds.

Can't even wish for a change in wind direction. The west may send us rain but the wind from the east (which is rare) is bitter when it comes.


Tyra in Vaxholm said...

A little bit scary almost like a spider's web. Nice pic./ Tyra


Technodoll said...

Lovely architecture :-)

Lucy Corrander said...

Hell Everyone

Glad you like the photo of Bournemouth Station Roof.

I'm thinking spending a day there sometime, simply to take photos. As Technodoll says - interesting architecture!

(This was taken in the two minutes between changing trains.)

Tyra - I hadn't thought of it as in any way scary but now I stand back from it - as if I didn't know the place itself - I can see that it is.

Technodoll - I couldn't see how to leave a comment on your Bubblegum Dogs blog. I wanted to say the word 'dog' in the poem could easily be changed to 'daughter'. It would fit well.

Your photo blog is really interesting too. I can definitely see similarities between the kind of things we both like to photograph.


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