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Friday, October 3, 2008


Lucy Corrander - Horsechestnut Sideshoot and Gate

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The Weaver of Grass said...

Love that horse chestnuts sprout Lucy - and the sun on it! I scrolled down your other pictures - love them too.

Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Weaver of Grass

Isn't it nice, the way some things just leap out to be noticed?


Philip Bewley said...

Hi Lucy!
I have enjoyed looking at our photography.All of these are incredible
some really intrigue me...
such as tenders. Where are the people?
There is a mysterious quality to some
Sepia path to littlesea... perhaps it is the sepia tone, but there is a quality as thought this is a remembered vision
white concrete by outlet is spectacular.
Such a pleasure to see what you do.

Philip Bewley said...

as though...meant to write.

Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Philip

I'm glad you are still enjoying PICTURES JUST PICTURES.

About the tenders . . . I feel the same - it is as though they are going along on their own.

In fact, they are moored to buoys. They belong to people with bigger boats (whether for fishing or for pleasure) who are out at sea. When they return, they moor the larger boat to the buoy and row to land in a tender.

Next time they want to go out to sea . . . they row out to the boat in the tender and re-attach it to the buoy while they go back to sea.

One of the earliest photos on this blog was a revetement with rowing boats pulled up on it. Some of these will have been tenders at the land end of their shuttle.


Barbarapc said...

While I love the spattery light this time of year. I find it's a challenge to capture what I see - often think my camera is travelling in a parallel universe - no subtlety - just loud images on black velvet.

Lucy Corrander said...

'Loud images floating on black velvet'. But what a wonderful description and how fantastic!

And don't you think this is closer to what we really see than the evenly lit photos which show everything?

I don't think, when we look at the world, that we ever do see 'everything'. This is obvious when we take the kind of photos where lamposts stick out of people's heads. We simply didn't notice them at the time. Our eyes edited out the irrelevent.

What we see, very often, is something glaring and unsubtle and magic.

On your blog, you have lovely white roses. They are so white, they jump out of the picture in an 'unnatural way' - but this is as they would in real life, in other words . . . very naturally after all.

You've got the leaves etc. too. . . . all the things which we know are present and important. But they probably weren't what initially caught your attention.

I think my pictures often illustrate what we don't notice . . . AND ways we don't notice what we notice!

Tomorrow (I'm writing this on 7th, so that will be 8th October) I have a very 'floating on black velvet' photo lined up. I'm moved by it and will be interested to hear what you think.


Lucy Corrander said...

p.s. Barbarapc - please do 'come back at me'!


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