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Thursday, September 11, 2008


Lucy Corrander - Telegraph Pole

Scroll Down for a Bigger Picture


Grouse said...

Your pictures are stunning! Have sent this blog to my sister who is also a keen photographer

Lucy Corrander said...

I'm so pleased you like them Grouse - and thank you for letting me know.

What kind of photos does your sister take?

By the way, I was thinking of putting your blog of putting your blog HIDE ON THE MOOR on my 'Following' list (the description of your life sounds so interesting and attractive) but, although it says you have been blogging since 2007, I can only find the post for September 7th.



Exmoorjane said...

Hi Lucy - so pleased you dropped by. Exmoor sort of sucks itself into your soul, doesn't it? Whereabouts did you live? Wonder, too, where you are now...nosey, so nosey.
These photos are just sublime. I have spent a happy hour scrolling down and oohing and aaahing.....

Re Grouse, I think she has reinvented her blog as, yes, all the old posts have gone....


Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Jane

Believe it or not, I stayed in the more-or-less derelict tack-room above unused stables in the grounds of a big house called 'Northmoor'.

The window was broken and there was no furniture and it was winter . . . and I think it was one of the happiest times in my life.

I'd wake in the morning, sit up in my sleeping bag and watch red deer graze in the parkland - and I'd spend hours on my own walking through the woods and along the Baal.

The degree to which it sunk its teeth into me is completely out of proportion to the length of time I was there.

I went back and stayed for a holiday in the main house a few years later . . . and went to sleep to the sound of French hunters singing hunting songs in the room below.

(Not that I'm a hunting person myself; not in the least - which is a kind of oddity in the area!)

I live in south Dorset now - so the photos on this blog are taken in the Dorchester / Weymouth / Portland area.


Sue Swift said...

The sky in the photo is incredible. Looks really threatening. Would be interesting to do a series with different sky conditions to see how it changed the feel of the photo.

Havve just seen you've becaome a "follower" of my blog. Thank you!

Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Sue

I'm really struck by overhead lines (there are powercables in the photo I use for my PICTURES JUST PICTURES icon).

Indeed, I'm having to restrain myself from taking too many photos of them, sky or no sky!

The powerlines which go across the countryside will probably remain but the telephone wires (as in today's photo) are gradually being taken down and put under ground. I expect fibre optics and radio connections will replace them completely before long.

Ah, there's an excuse - I'm creating an historic record!

About becoming a 'follower' of your blog . . .

(I wish Blogger chose some better names . . . )

. . . I'm pleased to.

I'm useless at container gardening (although I've always wished for a balcony in addition to a garden; there's something special about balconies) . . . so I've only glanced in at your posts from time until recently.

But your most recent discusion about the difference between gardening on balconies and decorating them / the place of annuals / caring for less spectacular plants . . . this has caught my attention.

In fact, it inspired so many thoughts, I tried to leave a comment . . . but then I noticed you are worried when people seem to be offended . . . and I've a horrible habit of putting my foot in things even though I try not to . . . so I didn't.

It's interesting, don't you think, to discover what people get hot under the collar about?


Frances, said...

Hi Lucy, I was all ready with a comment when I read the thread with Sue and will have to go over there to see what that was about! The comments are as entertaining as the posts sometimes.

Now this pole photo is one that speaks to me. I think the lines radiating from the center suggest geometry but the accountant in me sees pie chart! Art plus business, there's some yin and yang for you. I just love to type those words. ;->
Frances at Fairegarden

garden girl said...

beautiful photo Lucy. Wonderful perspective, and I love the moody sky.

Crafty Gardener said...

I love the perspective on this photo ... reminds me of a saying of The Friendly Giant (old kids tv show) Look up, way up!

Lucy Corrander said...

A timely comment Crafty Gardener - yesterday (13th September) was Roald Dahl Day.


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