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Sunday, September 7, 2008


Lucy Corrander - Small Evergreen Oak in Evening Light

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easygardener said...

I think there is something slightly magical about oak trees - very Green Man and all that. It's comforting to think that your little tree will one day grow into a very large, majestic one.

Lucy Corrander said...

I find this picture a little eerie. I suppose it's the light.

The tree is on the edge of a clump of larger oaks. (I only realised they are oaks when I saw the acorns. The leaves aren't oak-shaped at all.)

The larger trees are in a big dip to the left of the picture. Only their heads stick up over the bank.

They really are lovely (at least, the trunks are) and I've tried and tried to take a photo of them but haven't managed one which does them justice.

I'll keep trying.


Barbarapc said...

I like the swoosh of the light and the chartreuse foliage in this one. Fall is such a magical time of year - I try to soak up as much green and golden light as I can before everything turns, white, brown, grey, and black.

Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Barbara

I like the idea that light is 'swooshing'.

Indeed, in this photo, the light coming from the west (to the right of the picture) holds a yellowish warmth which will deepen in the coming sunset - but already there is grey in the shadows.

I think this is what gives it the 'magical' atmosphere noted by Easy Gardener. At other times of day, I doubt if this little tree gets any notice at all. It needs its own spotlight before it stands out from the bigger, more impressive trees which shelter it.


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