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Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Lucy Corrander - Olive Leaves Against Blue Sky
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easygardener said...

Your picture reminds me of Greece where I usually go on holiday - I love the intense blue sky.
I've actually got a recipe for preserving olives - I just need my tree to produce some that are larger than a pea.

Compostings said...


Lucy Corrander said...

Easy Gardener - I'm glad you like the olive leaves and the sky.

Although we got off to a good start in June, the rest of the summer in Dorset hasn't been exactly 'summery'. Nevertheless, there have been quite a few of these totally-blue-sky days as we have gone along.

The olive tree has no olives this year. I wasn't expecting many but last year there were a few and to have olives in the garden feels special.

My theory (I'm good at theories!) is that the early heat brought the pollinating insects out too soon, then the rains bumped them off.

There were masses and masses of hoverflies when the bay tree flowered - and bees around the early roses. The apple tree in Esther's picture has produced the best crop yet . . . but there are no grapes on either of her vines. Not a single one. Other years, they have sometimes ripened in time to be tasty, and sometimes not - but there have always been some. This year - nothing.

Here's fingers crossed for next year!


Lucy Corrander said...

Compostings -

Really glad you like the olive tree photo.

Glad too you found it.

There's something wrong with my Blotanical plot and I can't get to the 'My Blog' section - which means I can't ping the new posts . . . so the olive tree doesn't show up on its lists.

Today's one doesn't seem to have gone through either.

I have been dropping in and out of your posts throughout the summer and continue to enjoy your blog.

It's nice and light-hearted at the same time as being informative.


bare-faced gardener said...

I was always sure that we could grow olive trees in the UK. We’ve got half a dozen old trees here that have done practically nothing until, that is, you prune them ! But your theory could be right – rain when they’re flowering is not good.

I got concerned last night when this blog wasn’t updating on my list – there appears to be a problem with your Atom/RSS feed.
For a terrible moment I thought I might have offended you, or worse, (heaven forbid) have frightened you with the kitchen shop/Antelope Walk thing.
I do hope not. It is just a bit of fun and all will be revealed very soon ...

Lucy Corrander said...

Bare Faced Gardener

I can't think of any way in which you might have offended me! Gracious no!

About Antelope Walk . . . of course that's tantalising . . . but one of the good things (and fun things) about the internet and blogs . . . is that we can say as much or as little about ourselves as we like.

It may be that you know Dorchester . . . it may be that you are really living down the road from me and not in France at all . . . who knows? (I mean, my next door neighbour claims to be living on Mars at present . . . !) . . . or you may have looked up kitchen shops on the internet and thrown in some 'local knowledge' to add to the mystery!

Don't worry. Have fun with it . . .

(My own practice tends to be that I meander around a bit on my blogs . . . but that in proper emails I try to be absolutely straight with people.)

As for the RSS Feed. I don't know what's going wrong. Blotanical isn't picking up my latest posts and the 'Blogs' section on my Blotanical 'Plot' won't open . . . so I can't 'Ping'.

It's very annoying. I've just been round and left lots of little notices on people's plots letting them know about PICTURES JUST PICTURES whereupon - it vanishes from the lists!

I sent a note to Stuart about this - but still haven't heard back from him.

Oh the trials of life!


bare-faced gardener said...

The problem is with the Blogger feed and I think anything with Blotanical is another story. I have to say that I’m finding it (Blotanical) intensely slow to do anything and I’m spending far too much time that I shouldn’t be going back in forth in it. I also find the fav-ing frustrating – I haven’t worked it out yet !

Yes, blogging is fun and one can play around with all sorts of things. But, I am in France and apart from a little artistic licence to make a story more interesting, it is very much my day-to-day life.

As for Dorchester ... I do own (am leaseholder of) somewhere. It may sound glamourous but things are not always what they seem, as you probably know ...

Lucy Corrander said...

Thanks for the info. I'll try to sort the feed. I was thinking it was just Blotanical that was the problem.

(I think Blotanical is really good once you've worked out how to find your way around . . . . and I've a theory that Stuart leaves it like that on purpose so people start talking to each other as they navigate - or don't!)


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