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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Lucy Corrander - Inside Frome Station - The Roof

Scroll Down for a Bigger Picture


Zoƫ said...

I love looking at the structures that hold buildings up, some buildings are most beautiful from the angle you have shown. Fab picture.

Lucy Corrander said...

Thanks, Zoe.

One of the nice things about blogs is that they give us somewhere to put things.

I would happily wander round taking pictures of bits of buildings - and have piles of photos . . . and then what?

With this one, for me, it's not the structure alone that I like (though I do). It's also the colours of the weathered glass.

(Though, I imagine if I were to climb up there - it would turn out to be light shining through gunge!)


Hermes said...

Know it well as I love just outside Westbury. Love the way you have caught the textures of it.

Hermes said...

or even live ... was that a Freudian finger slip ?

Lucy Corrander said...

Well, Hermes, it may have been a slip - but a delightful one.

It evokes such wonderful images . . . !

There are a couple more of Frome station and one of the graveyard there on my other blog - LOOSE AND LEAFY (on the post called 'A Day out with Ceres in Frome')


HappyMouffetard said...

Very stiking - a slice of structured light.

joey said...

Enjoyed all but YELLOW ELDERBERRY LEAF AGAINST THE SUN is most lovely ...

Lucy Corrander said...

Happy Mouffetard

I've been interested in which elements of a picture attract different people.

Yesterday, I saw this same photo on another computer and realised how significantly the screen you use influences what you are drawn to.

On mine, the light through the glass dominates - like a slash across darkness. Only after a couple of moments does my eye move over to the structure of the roof.

On the other screen, the light was more evenly distributed and my attention went first to the roof supports, then it went to the glass.

(They were next to each other, so it wasn't that my mood had changed.)

Now, I'm disconcerted. I now realise comments people make about these pictures may say less than I thought about their taste and interests - and more about their screen than I had realised!

And I'm struck with the disconcerting thought that I don't even know what I'm giving people to look at. Everyone will have something quite different in front of them.


Lucy Corrander said...

Joey, thank you.

About the elderberry leaf.

It is both beautiful and sad.

It should have been green.

Lots of the hedgerow plants round here have had too much yellow in their leaves over the summer. If they were garden roses, I would suspect manganese / iron deficiency but I don't think this would make sense with such a wide variety plants over such a wide area.

This elder seems to have had an extreme version of the problem - with very beautiful yellow leaves as a result (right from spring).

If there are any botanists reading, perhaps they would know what's going on . . . ? (These plants aren't on chalky soil.)

Meanwhile - the photographs come out well - I'm pleased you like them!


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