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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Lucy Corrander - High Hedgerow in September

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marmee said...

i looked at a lot of your photos. beautiful, you find beauty in the simple things, like the bark of a tree, love it.

Lucy Corrander said...

There are getting to be a lot!

Glad you like them though.

Come again!

(I post one a day. Like that, there don't seem to be quite so overwhelmingly many.)


The Weaver of Grass said...

I always enjoy your pictures, Lucy - they show the simple things in a beautiful way and are so restful.

Zoƫ said...

That sky again! The contrasts work so well.

Lucy Corrander said...

Oh! Folks! I'm feeling dejected and cross.

I took the September Hedgerow photo last week. Then, on Monday, 'The Council' went by with a huge machine and a flail.

I went to inspect the damage this morning. And damage there is.

The very top of the tree in the photo is still there but the foreground has been stripped.

All the way along the hedgerows, there are broken and split branches simply hanging by threads . . . oh! it's awful.

I went to the Council Offices and complained. I pointed out that everyone round here gathers blackberries but nearly all the accessible fruit has been destroyed.

They said they had intended to do all this in June but were late.


They said it wasn't their reponsiblity but that of The County Council. The only man who has any connection with it locally - wasn't there!

I suppose the hedgerows will recover (though it seems an odd moment in the season for 'pruning') but, as you can see from the lichen . . . some branches take a long time in the growing.

On the positive side - I'm glad I took the photo . . . and the one of the teasle candelabra too - for that also is gone.


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